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Expand your business footprints with commercial property loan

Planning to purchase a shop or showroom to expand your business footprints in the geography, now with easy commercial property purchase you can realize your Business expansion goals

Commercial property is used for running a business or establishment. With commercial property loan you can purchase or construct the commercial establishment - shop or showroom, office etc Also by mortgaging the commercial property you also can avail of the commercial property loan for big-budget expenses

Commercial property loan can be broadly categorize into 3 types

  • Commercial property purchase loan - as the name itself says that this loan is for the purchase of commercial property be it shop, office, commercial establishment etc.
  • Commercial property construction loan - This is to construct commercial establishment on commercially approved land by the development authority
  • Commercial property mortgage loan - To raise the working capital for business and big expenses like purchase of heavy machinery, equipment's etc. commercial property can be mortgage under commercial property mortgage loan for quick fund raising.

Key benefits - Commercial Property Loan

  • Higher LTV
  • Big Value Funding
  • Easy Balance transfer with top-up Option
  • Convenient Tenor
  • Attractive rates
  • External benchmark linked loans

If you are a Self Employed Businessman or Doctor, Chartered Accountant or any other professional, with Commercial Property Loans, you can own the workplace of your choice and realize your business goals.

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