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Boost your cash flow with Retail Shopkeeper Loan

A loan especially designed for retail shopkeepers considering the key challenges in day to day operations. Retail Shopkeeper loan helps in boosting Cash Flow, and can be availed quickly.

This loan is especially designed for shopkeepers for addressing their short terms capital requirements. It is collateral free loan and can be availed with minimal documents. This ease the whole process at shopkeepers end also as many a times they are unable to arrange the required docs for the loan. Credit Sure plays a vital role and helps shopkeepers to avail of their loan related queries addressed and get them serviced at their doorstep by connecting the right lending partners as per their requirements.

Retail Shopkeeper Loan made easy
This loan comes to rescue of the shopkeepers by offering loans for departmental stores | Kirana Stores | Chemist Store | Pharmacy | General Provision Store and other shops and that too in a minimal time span.

Retail Shopkeeper Loans
Personal Loan for Shopkeepers - Repayment made easy!

Looking at the challenges at shopkeeper levels, daily weekly and monthly repayments options are made available so that a shopkeeper can decide as per his comfort levels to ensure repayment continuity. As the business is retail and accounts for daily cash collection, a small portion of it on daily basis was paid towards repayment of the loan availed thus make the whole process at ease. No botheration or hassle about the big monthly EMI's and disturbing their cash flows. This loan is also known as personal loan for Shopkeepers. This personal loan for shopkeepers enables retailers to manage their cash flow effectively and plan expansion or grow their business.

There are two variants of retail shopkeeper loan

Express Cash or Fast Cash
This loan is available for 15 months to 3 yrs depending upon the need and loan requirement of the shopkeeper. A retail shop set up is must with good credit history along with banking. Daily repayment is preferred in Express Cash loan which accounts for faster repayment

Loan against POS or merchant cash advance loan 
A brick and mortar retailers having monthly digital sales more than Rs 1 lac can avail loan against POS. Here the digital payments includes monthly swipe, card sales, wallet sales, IMPS, UPI payments, Online sales, Net Banking , Online transfers, Google Pay, Paytm wallet payment etc Minimum business vintage is 2 yrs. with valid documents like business registration proof, good credit history and banking. No collateral and guarantor is required for availing this loan. Loan amount varies from Rs 5 lacs to Rs 75 lacs Compared to typical normal loans; a loan against POS or merchant cash advance (MCA) has several advantages, including a higher approval rate, more flexible payback terms, and faster access to funding.

Key Benefits of Retails Shopkeeper loan

Retail shopkeeper loan comes as a boon to shopkeepers by addressing their immediate capital requirements for

  • Expanding business
  • Servicing regular working capital needs
  • Managing seasonal working capital requirements
  • Manage short term cash flow gaps
  • Retailer shopkeeper loan or Personal Loan for Shopkeepers thus helps in shaping up todays retail industry in a big way.

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