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Own your dream car with easy used car finance

Benefits, you must know about used car finance
  • Lower EMI in comparison to new car loan
  • Longer repayment tenor
  • Finance up to 100% of the valuation
  • The insurance cost & depreciation rates are lower than in comparison to new car loan
  • Minimum documentation
  • Quick Disbursal & Flexible repayment plans

Pre-Owned Car Loans
Are the secured loans where the vehicle itself is used as collateral. These loans are availed for purchase, refinance or balance transfer for the loan on existing vehicle. In today's market, there are n numbers of lending institutions offering used car finance on attractive rates and tenor option. We at credit sure help you to get connected with right lending partner and avail of the best used car loan with longer repayment option.

Best loan against Car
For availing the best car loan for used car below are the pre requisites to qualify for the used car finance

  • Make sure you have a good credit history
  • Have a stable source of income
  • Have valid address proof documents & driving license
  • Consider getting Pre-approved
  • Have a down payment or trade-in
  • Understand how financing at dealer works

A down payment is cash that you give to the dealer or seller to help cover a portion of the sales price of the vehicle. A trade-in is any vehicle with value that you offer a dealer in exchange for credit to go toward the sales price of the car you're buying.

Both salaried and self-employed individuals are in constant search for cheapest used car loan, lowest interest rate for used car loan, best car loan available or the best auto loans. We at credit sure helps you to get connected with right lending partners who is a one stop shop solution provider and helps you to avail of lowest interest rate auto loans on best pricing and terms.

Car Refinancing made easy!
Refinancing allows replacing existing car loan with a new auto loan from different lender on better terms with an option to avail of additional amount as top-up loan. When you choose to go for refinancing, you will get a loan with new features, benefits, and terms.

Refinancing: Key Reasons
Car loan refinancing can be very beneficial in the following cases:

  • Better ROI: Car loan refinance gives an option to lower the ROI, that one is paying on his existing car loan. One can avail of refinance with better rates and other terms thus reducing his monthly EMI outgo for stated period.

  • Better Tenor:One can extend his repayment tenor under refinancing option thus getting more time to repay the loan. This will help you decrease your EMIs. On the other hand, one can also reduce the loan tenor as per his choice to clear off the loan quickly.

  • Better loan features & benefits:While at the time of initial loan taken if one miss out certain features and benefits and not happy with his existing lender, he can opt refinancing loan option and switch his auto loan to new lender with revised offerings and benefits that matches with his requirements. By doing so one can manage on better terms related to late fees, hypothecation, insurance, application charges, etc., you may choose to refinance to enjoy these better features.

Refinance; Important points
One should make a check on below stated points before going ahead for Refinancing loan option
Prepayment charges:If going for better loan terms one have to assess the prepayment charges and check if they are quite lower than the benefits he is going to gain from refinancing. It can be rate / loan amount / enhanced tenor to repay the loan.

Value against Car Valuation:At the time of refinancing the auto loan, the value of the car depreciates, it is essential to look the value that one is getting under refinancing loan option against the car valuation.

  • Lender's Reputation: When one opt for refinancing car loan, he should ensure that he opt a trustworthy lender that offers dependable services. The same can be done by enquiring among friends and family and by doing online research about the lender.

  • Other charges: : While moving ahead with refinancing, one has to pay processing fees and certain other charges. He need to assess how much these charges are before deciding to refinance the auto loan.

Opting for used car finance is a smart, value for money purchase. The second hand car loan is available for purchase of wide collection of cars ranging from hatchbacks & SUVs to premium sedans. Almost 100% of car value gets financed along with flexi repayment options and quick disbursal which makes pre-owned car loan the best choice among the masses for financing their car.

Your favorite car is just a click away; get is financed with the best used car finance!

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